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Amazon Micro Niche Website Creation Auto Site

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Are You Ready to Experience the Next Generation of Amazon Affiliate Stores?

CustomAzon provides you a full service package, combining top-tier web hosting with over 99.99% uptime, a user-friendly, easy-to-use, and highly-customizable automated storefront, and Search Engine Optimization from one of the best SEO companies around.

We have put together the best technology in website automation to bring you a solution that will let you focus your time on marketing and selling, and no time at all on "tech issues" and "site baby-sitting." Let us take care of the hard part of running a site for you!

The Problem With Current Amazon Stores...

Have you ever wanted to have your own Amazon store, but didn't want the hassle of building one from scratch? Of course! But what options do you otherwise have? You could build an Amazon A-Store, which is fast and easy, but doesn't allow you to utilize your own domain, which means generating traffic-getting search engine results is impossible. Or you could purchase an out-of-the-box storefront, but then you're stuck with one template, sketchy technology, and no support should anything go wrong or anything on Amazon's servers change.

What you want is a full service package that is as easy to setup as an A-Store, but with the customization and SEO benefits of managing your own page, in one simple, easy-to-use package!

The Solution is Easier Than You Think!

We have worked with Amazon marketers and site owners to provide you the best possible solution. CustomAzon truly puts the power at your fingertips. While we provide you with a fully automated, extremely powerful website, you're free to customize the categories, products, and the look & feel of the entire site! We even provide you the ability to incorporate an Auto-Blog feature so you can offer directed, meaningful, and engaging dynamic content to your customers!

We've done all the hard work for you. The site is automatic, pulling up-to-date information from Amazon directly, and creating your own full-HTML content and sales pages. Whether you want to create an "everything-store" or capture a small niche audience, the powerful customization options that are built in to the CustomAzon tools will let you have as much fine-tuned control over your site as you like.

So what are you waiting for? With all the hard work already done, sign up now and get your own custom Amazon storefront online today!