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Amazon Micro Niche Website Creation Auto Site

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Curious What CustomAzon Has to Offer?

When your CustomAzon Auto-Site is first installed, you already have a fully functioning storefront using our default theme which has been specially tailored to attract customers and motivate purchases.

However, after just a few minutes of customization, you can add shopping categories, auto-blog feeds, and add your own unique look and feel to your entire store.

In addition to the style, you can add custom touches to every aspect of your site. The built in Auto Blogger will inject blog posts from any RSS feed to add dynamic content to your site. Select from our pre-assembled list of public feeds, or input your own for a truly unique combination.

Google loves unique content. With CustomAzon, you can add your own custom content to any product on Amazon. From pictures to reviews, CustomAzon makes adding custom content fast and simple! Using the helpful Admin Bar, you can easily and quickly add custom content to any product you want:

Curious about what happens if Amazon changes their Affiliate structure? Well, with a normal out-of-the-box affiliate store, you'd be stuck with a non-functioning site, and nowhere to turn. But with CustomAzon, our engineers keep up-to-date with Amazon's changes, and will automatically upgrade, patch, and fix anything that might go wrong, all without you having to worry!

From Meta Details to H1's, CustomAzon works closely with a top-rated Search Engine Optimization company in order to make sure your storefront will rank as highly as possible in the big search engines like Google and Yahoo. We networked with a big Whie-Hat Network to provide the best On-Page SEO possible! Nothing drives traffic to your site better than great SEO, so we've built their expertise into the CustomAzon Auto-Site!

With our Automatic Sitemap Generation, your sitemap is always up to date with Amazon's Best Sellers. Based on what categories you have selected, CustomAzon will automatically generate a daily sitemap that is automatically submitted to Google. Doing this will not only help the SERP (Search Engine Results Page), but will also greatly increase your chances of getting your pages indexed. That means more people will see your pages, and more profit for you!